Matt Hart City Reading in the New York Times

Gregory Dicum embarks on a whirlwind tour of literary San Francisco in Sunday’s New York Times Travel section, leaving the final words to Sidebrow City chapbook contributor Matt Hart:

Later, after my reading, I was part of the Litquake throng lingering in the fresh night air. I wandered around the corner to the Fabric8 gallery, where I heard Matt Hart reading his poem “Minerva System.” It was a “sonnet of sonnets,” and Mr. Hart read furiously, rocking back and forth, his face red. Members of the audience, sitting on the floor or leaning against the wall, nodded their heads to the iambic pentameter. Mr. Hart’s dense imagery jumped around, a restless, slippery dream, an indictment of the now.

“She may be a monster,” he half-mumbled and half-yelled, ”but I love her!”

Matt’s reading of “Minerva System,” one of several pieces threaded together in City, can be seen in its entirety below:


Much thanks to Gregory for including Sidebrow’s Lit Crawl event on his book-lover’s tour of San Francisco, and a tip of the cap to Matt for the well-deserved recognition on his performance.

Get your copy of City, which includes “Minerva System” and work by Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Danielle Dutton, and Shane Michalik, direct from Sidebrow. Not to be missed.