Norman Lock

Norman Lock is the author of A History of the Imagination (Fiction Collective Two), ‘The Book of Supplemental Diagrams’ for Marco Knauff’s Universe (Ravenna Press), Land of the Snow Men (Calamari Press), Joseph Cornell’s Operas / migr%u0269s (Elimae Books and, in Turkish, Yapi Kredi Yaylinari, Istanbul), Trio (Triple Press), Plays (two works for radio also by Triple Press), The Long Rowing Unto Morning (novel %u0596 Ravenna Press), Cirque du Calder (Rogue Literary Society). His stage plays include Water Music, Favorite Sports of the Martyrs, Mounting Panic, The Sinking Houses, The Contract, and The House of Correction (Broadway Play Publishing) voted one of the best plays of 1988 and 1994 by The Los Angeles Times and critically acclaimed as the best new play of the 1996 Edinburgh Theatre Festival. Women in Hiding, The Shining Man, The Primate House, and Money, Power & Greed were broadcast by WDR, Germany. A screen play, The Body Shop, was produced by the American Film Institute. He received the Aga Kahn Prize for fiction, given by The Paris Review, in 1979.