Mercenary Beverages

4:30 a.m.

last 3 fools ali-

ing (ozzy playing?

How?) w/ gob

let of French

coffee pot

bottom fed

w/ remaining

4.5 beers of

mixed breeds.

“The glories

of miscegenation!”*

Let’s get Pagan!

& blo up the back

of the yard

w/ fire crack

ers. We must needs

cigarettes 4 punks.

Next day, epiphany-

proof vests shed

off: aspetta! we’re

not trash — panda &

bouquet of relict

bottle rocket chop

sticks from Heine

kens !

* F.S.


3 cripples pool

ing (where’s da

p.t.) w/ chlor

inated H2 0

everywhere none

to drink (privit

ized) shorts no

pot but more per

haps social, but

the gories of

social segregation

Forget Reagan?

& blow up the knows

of the craft

with air booty

“unhip hop”. Need

on the vicadin just

can’t wait to get on

the bike again, after

noon-proof clocks

go cop-poof, yet proof

of flower law flour

power hour followers

oh yeah, the journey