Journal Entry: 12-26-05

Seeking seed texts in Gravity’s Rainbow

Concise airraiding of textual anomalies the id vs. postmodern gestalt.

Re: pg. 24: A Writer’s Reference:

“Are ideas ordered effectively? Is the supporting material persuasive?”

[Was T.P., I wonder,

utilized by order his words intended to deconstruct?

A snuff box of self?

An object half structured as language is half structured?

It is precisely 7:08 a. m. in N. Y.

T. P. ponders what wld happen if

a screaming came twice, murdering, out of the same sky.

Then writes anonymous horoscopes aloud in the observatory while looking up.

His cat is pearl-eyed & Persian.

What does time have to do with

ash-of-the-makebelieve people falling in september?

In the loom room he wends his wangled word-way.

Cold War enigma-hardon “is both organizer & destroyer” of nothing.

Yet desires to devour

considers its HEALTH, its few DOLLARS,

riffles, yet precisely, snug in QUOTES paid for on credit,

LAZY BOY recliner,

MIDDLE CLASS as only [here I need something strong]


& thinks, Yeah. Let there be WORD PLAY

& ESPIONAGE/espionage

& PORN straight out of SODDOM,

that thunka thunka thunka of bed legs

pounding the floor, even if only imagined.

The left hand, the writing hand, poised as a pilot’s,

crazed as a hanging judge’s,

“is both organizer and destroyer.”

His rapture, dolled up in genocide,

can only imagine pg. 24 buried in text.

A piece of writing breaking ground.

I can’t help but feel…I keep imagining…I have this sense that T. P. is listening

at keyholes, that what I write unravels to paraphrase no matter what I write.