Watching a Bird Fight as Person

“It’s getting colder,” she said.

“Let me show you something.”

The two of them walked behind the house and stood on the edge of a long gravel driveway.

There was nothing to look at, just the dark disappearing behind the trees. Back at the house, light was framed in the window.

As Caroline walked home, two people were lighting the lights along a road.

It was the blind man and another man, but they were on a different road than she was.

Caroline began to read The Fold.

Josephine walked into the cabin, stamping her feet on the rug to knock the mud loose from her hiking boots.



“I was making the rounds.”

“I’m reading The Fold.”

Josephine poured hot water into a cup. “Are you thirsty?”

Caroline walked to the window of the cabin and opened it.

“What do you hear?”

Caroline listened but it was hard to hear anything. She could only hear what was happening inside the cabin. Like Josephine crossing the room and laying something on the desk. She listened to those sounds for a while.

“Do men like you as much as they did when you had two hands?” Caroline asked.

“No,” Josephine said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”