from Reynolds—part one of Claims of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Dear V,

The fog and bus and child.

Do flies buzz? Note the imprecision of all the different types of buzzing. But when we hear one buzzing—through constant usage the particular sound of the buzzing is heard when we mention the fly. It is buzzing pre-buzzing. It’s a drag.

I guess I suppose maybe I thought.

There is a breeze—well, there are many separate breezes. I am going around town looking for bread, stumbling into a place with metal doors with graffiti on them. There is not bread there, but there is beer and an owner with a sports hat on, a thin cotton T-shirt, and he’s bending at the waist, looking for something beneath the counter. We carry on a small conversation. He remains in the same position for the duration, and I eventually leave.

Some ghosts grow very fat if they get plenty to eat. They are very fond of honey.” (Hurston, Mules and Men)