listen bro,

listen bro,

here’s the track you asked about

from the top of the long steel stairs.

we waited until Walleck fell and fuck,

man, that sound drug on for days.

listen, though, the mic’s upset still

and swears she pressed play

but she was smoking, and coked

and I wanted to say something but

shiiiiiiit she was in that red dress

we bought her and it was three stories

up and I didn’t want to get what Walleck

got. ashamed? hell no I’m not, what makes

you ask didn’t we decide it’s art

and so ok? so ok I did try to call once

before the timbre kicked in like fucking

toast popping got no answer. her bags are in

the top drawer of the armoire but

she’s on the dark side now. that

I had just checked the corridor clear

myself and maybe not well toast.

but I guess there are always more Wallecks

and stairs and haha red dresses. right?

so anyway, bro, throw a backward

echo on this shit and the sound will drag

on for days.