here is where

because it was shapeless

over there in the dark

we sat two

to a seat

and sipped sweetly on straws

until the fifth one came

tipping neatly into a two

breaking the rhythm completely

here is where alien

comes into play

moleskin notebooks

scraps of pieces and papers

your skull cap my stack of

red straws

me sitting a fingertip away

here is where the boys

come in

to play blonde haired bob

secured with a clip,

tip sparkles

against the rhythmic purple

light in the jukebox

I swear you say

you too but I think no

the organ

it’s all swimming in my head

sometimes I think of you

because I am dizzy

here is where the hip swinging

poke poke

of a finger we

were into play sitting

two by two again

blondie was off-off

he said yes

Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

definitely Asian

here is where we drove


a blur I don’t remember


alien— he said

1, 2, 3, 4

counting as in them

then I remembered

the capital A