Dear Lo,

Dear Lo,

Do you still sniff chemicals at work when you clean the restrooms? Better on top of the box than out there behind the big asthma door. You know they put a green powder in the tissue paper of this hotel. They put three tablespoons in and I swallowed three. It was bad. I almost died and with…Grady? He said I smoked his last joint and afterwards kept asking why the shower wouldn’t….It was too old a hotel. Maybe you cleaned it before he cleaned…? There was that star that he taped to my shirt. That star was a church. It echoes right here. The funny thing was that it didn’t even take cops to break us up. Someone came to the hotel room. One cop knew about the echo. He was tripping his partner out and then Grady left. You know how it is—if you bend down and put your ear in the groove of a man’s belt you can hear the echo? I didn’t even know until the cop showed me. It was like that with Amii—no not that Aimii. That girl is crazy too. She’s always wearing grizzly bears on the top of her head. She’s got quite a few kids. But with this Aimi—she goes out with Z—it’s like multiple kids at the same time. She was on the lawn the other day looking for juice. She found it but she didn’t know where to get her kids back to after she dank. They could have come to church, I told her. The services would have ended well before kickoff time. But she kept asking about you.

Did Matt use up the whole Sunday?