from Proposition

That a proposition is not against any Law

that a moment of logic may be spurious

but logic

for example:

I see breasts that give milk

They are real

if the milk is not

who said that:

(the point exactly of Law)

the dialogue of one breast to another is surfeit

let all organs of logic be untamedbut let each lawful word modulate its organ

It would be possible to misunderstand “law” and “Law” and “logic”

I do not want to explain it

As far as one can know

the unearthly is not unearthly


the cause of a depression

is the lake that fills it

fluid tonnage of logic



in centerthe lower casethe body leaning

toward itthis depression

I.e., in a slight misunderstandingmake a site, then hollow it out

reckless use of rules

callingfor examplememory a teat

(this recklessness acquired a body by cheating

then demanded proof)

this was a mouth

(not the demandthe proof)

heretofore milk signified


in nourishment

too much said and doneis proof

make a mouth of itjibing

Straighten your mockery

put a breast over a blouse

certain weather for the maternal

upends intention

whatever else was a breast for

but to obey


as was always so reckless

tamped downutterly unbiasedimpartialdepressedlogistically stableerotic

Put a mouth over blouse between breast

and abeyance

rude with intention

That proposition

the point exactly of Law


naming for example

the mouth the organ who resided

on top of its garment

Labelling as such

the reckless ordering

is it

a propriety of truth

or thirst’s obedience