if what can change then everything can change


…going to have to get a girlfriend off the Internet

if I don’t find one soon,

because even though

I’m used to not being with someone

it gets lonely and old after a while

I really feel like I’m not that undesirable

I think in highschool you used to be super attractive

that’s a fucking cool idea,

like when I had dredlocks and a beard

like not by the end of highschool

that was the Elvis year

I don’t think I know what you’re talking about

I don’t think I do either

now tell me about how attractive I was

They used to call you the sun god

no, see I think I’m pretty good looking now

and some days I think I look better than almost everyone out there.

I think in highschool you just had a certain sexual aura:

you had a thing going, with the pot and the dredlocks…

I have been able, in my life, to sleep with very attractive women

and I don’t want that to stop

that’s what I’m saying, in highschool

that was especially prevalent

I’ve come to believe that I can score chicks that are extremely good looking

but only if they have some little other thing

and that that’s my niche

and this is something that happens

like every three years

so I’ve been banking on the fact

that I can pull this off again

and that girls who are interesting

in other things other than looks

get fewer and fewer

as you get older

I don’t care what a chick has except that she’s beautiful,

but I think that being gorgeous adds all these things to a girl.

At a certain level of beauty it’s impossible for a girl to be normal

and not to have become interesting precisely because she’s beautiful.