from Wiving

I am a duet with you

and tripled with you.

A wife in the corner

and you in the corner


What grabs me is her ankle

caught from under the bedsheet

in my grip.

She can suggest a movement but cannot make it,

I can hold this near

miss but she can bear it.

Walking into the bedroom,

“of course there is no chair in here

and where will I sleep

and what will I build.

He calls her with the same sound

as he calls into his sleep,

she cuts away his excess

sound at night.

He has made her children round

enough to seal them

in his house, they fit there

and she is in the garden.

This shape is scarce

because it is hers.

She is an updraft and caught.

She would heave under you

the same way with red hair

and blank fingers.

She would heave under you

and ask you to spell her

out of this.

I am waiting in the parlor for you

I am waiting to make you wife

If this is not her mark, where do her feet fall

where will she sleep that can make a mark.

As my soaped hands would show you

I am ready to cut

her image sleeps against every surface

she can press.mysleep.

I have mistaken you for foliage.(again)