cecil taylor trio @ castle clinton 7/29/04

(for (e) shadow)

tell thisdy /// namismos

useless blues & pinks

in mentus

this is daylight when we most need it when

there is no day left

this is river in a shadow

shadow against an even/ing when

tree become sky

no mental can the shadows stay this silent for so>long

the bricks that never saw the war they fought for

it is a yellow in the eye

useless magenta that crosses our lives

the sun is behind me the sun

it heats my neck



immigrant says to another

i passed thru here



tale tail’s taletotaste



the act of natural act of..................

i’ve come

thru here too

the shadows

never move

the trees &

sky are one

glass & stone

& steel a blding make

fingers make

things happen

one immigrant says to another

glass stone &


are the

building blocks of this world

trader trapped inside the gullum

is a winkthe paperasleep

i crumble

in uniform your day begins

like this:shadows never move

sun behind your back

useless magenta

bricks that tell a tale

fingers make things happen

running spotlights cannot function before the nite arrives

it is really not the clock that determines transition

that crosses our lives

one immigrant says to another

it is when the sun crosses our backs like a river

a festivala



when the light that was created

becomes the light that was invented

a bet earneda wise tradea gorgetraversed

2(moneyis the(M) angle

we will not be fed by sunlightaloan

even now as evening turnssnurt the concessions

no time for this/thatit’s obligat(o)ion


it’s now dark it feels

one immigrant says to another

feel my neckit passed this way

this is no joke

privitize my sacrament it’s cool nowhands onit’s cool now

the useless magentaadds to the piano’s song

this world was built by hands

tree & sky no longer touch

the shadows have become a river

that does not flow

brick is what i call your face

i remain attached to my allegiance

tea is a drink for two (3)

this shifting desire is a wedge

between theclock & the hrs


such useless appendages these handsagainst the unmanacled day.