cecil taylor trio @ the bluenote 7/19/05


precious 27 sic; the portholes



attraction of f(r)ingers

speedoling downlid

some o’ the best beebop piana i ever heard

chance is a bag fell outo the bag

the disc

unspun & wandered

blue folk left

1st the ones with little kids

expensive family outing

out being as far out as sitting in a room

with an U.F.O. can


just fell outto the mo(u) o ebabs

like toothes with working titles etched invisibly

inta ’em

only abbreviated maybe to untake plaque

for the best charge a minimumsword

help yerself to the fries & wise-ums


& clean too

insensitive dewguns


regraph the caterpultin

& in this case only a maestro can claim

the bottom 1/2

ich du 5 iced dinhair muminim &

sleeved short cooled down aftereves

only a pracker knowd the grail

only a SAGA-d shooed the shoit

grapple onta livin

garpple inta notes.....

set 2

the vagueries of time

who knew who lived where were

always goes back to 1890s

sheriff street

a tenement w/out shame

this is less than before one could imagine

where is the past now

where is the past now if not

in the head?

or in some book

or map

all museums

all warehouses


windows of rearrangement

this is a story you can tell again &


the same way

only different everytime

the grey area of time where “once” is what it’s about

once i had this white cat

once i had this black dog

erratum continuous tom-tom z-rap

a message of of linels & sinews

any news

with even a touch of a touched up photograph/still

who was/who is

there to the end of christiandom

3 views from the same square

sphere is yes about a continuous line of blowing


or is it precise corners saught

atemplated shot

as if charted further

here you are slowing down to a star

you’ll never catch down to

can we embark in a trump-o-tazzle

or even invectors complete the whole deck

by throwing it over ?

the monkey who owned the property’s always

the one who flies

& it happens alot between gaps in the mind

& happens it seems around centuries turn.