cecil taylor - derek bailey duo @ tonic 5/3/00

as if he were playing the musicon his skin

hair tangledwire

case made orange in blackorbit of choices

sympathetic cordrediculousin conjunction with dynamic

snap the

way wrists refuse to bend

as if my ears were the changesaddressed

don’t make up what’s right in front of youhotmustard


BITTER chorus’souredcandybroken


not yet thru the sketches& the scribe’s already in myBLOOD

feet of buzzards waiting in head

pounding eyes

sayingCometoMecomeTOmE(wish i had

a camera

that could make people real)

tripping overorganic step

having less choice than will/string allowsincarnate


keep “I” out of

rational choices

because museums allow such a thing

as if played the mass

your pockets full o’ theories

the basic combination of movements

the eventual ride home

sealed wallsunhinged

if i never saw that face again

i would blessit take the juice away(improvise within

the vocabulary

& fleece the sadly rumorof

the particular language

but the time for invention is never gone

you are speaking)

& thrives it like an old tongue

thru an intricate series of bailed canals

it’s a basin in herea self-createdcistern ofdark

wasL ightonce

a bowl of delectable condiments

even now with temperaments awash & the whole meal sampled

for FREE.