for example, turn more quickly than horses, horses more quickly than stags, horn of a bull, hoof, half twelve, motion on tracks derives from the more sensible realm of the sphere, such suchness itself, seeing him into and out of, take the reality of the servant, for example, then paint a giant on a pebble, you’ll see that man is proportionate only to the fly, people here are herding together to form all swarms of ants, back to the barracks, back to the gurgling gunrest, the clouds are rising in the south, hens are rolling in the dust, from this visible divinity, we can collectively presage rain, concomitant, of course, with the kindling of flames, the ruin of all space, shattered glass and toppling, from damp tamping of shadows, the divinity of rain, one livid final flame, so the arrow is associated with the archer, through narrow waters channels, the writer, of course, with the corpse