When the Law Comes

When the law comes I will tell them we are apples. They’ll laugh at this and then bite. The law will wear redblue sweaters with doves stapled onto them giving a wingflap or a squawk at appropriate moments but otherwise feigning death. Darla, when the law comes you will hide in the sink faucet and I will not offer them water no matter how often or how conspicuously they allude to their thirst buds. I will tell them they should have drunk natural truck juices with high fructose computers before they dared put boots on the ground as they say. When the law comes I will spit in their faces and tell a dirty apple joke. They will pretend to understand but in fact they won’t. When the law comes with their bodies full of worry and fresh wild morals and when they tie their long blond hair back in short tight dollars and when they announce they are here to make us more competitive you like I said will hide in the sink faucet and I will try to entertain them and they will playact for thirty or so versatile seconds and then they will shoot. Yes it will hurt because it has to hurt. Bartender, I will say to the doctor, stop here on red, no turn on red, and he will laugh knowingly, and he will not stanch the bleeding. When the law comes you will urge me by the elbow and say some beans don’t fart but I will stay put. Darla, I will say, we’ll always have Monaco. That will put some tears on your cheeks hence the faucet. When the law comes and yes the law will come, I will say to them the snake was just here before you. You know they feign fearlessness but watch how they’ll get careful with every redblue footstep and pray for their troops. The snake was just here, I will repeat, the snake was just here before you, I will say when the law comes.