to language the loss/

i see in slippages. it’s become a miniature insanity. how to deal with the thing that must be severed? to sever, you start at the space to be cleaved. the act of dividing. there are the breasts. i do not want them. there are the hands. they are not mine, they do as they please. there is the hip. the blade. the wrist. the button. there is the knob of the joint. the brain. the tongue. the clavicle. the rib. the rib. the rib. the rib. they are all handles, holds, keyholes, baskets. throw them away.

the hand is the culprit. it holds things. the hand. in the muscle there is memory. dredged up, it is scaled. a little fish-gill. little lipless hand. little widowed hand.