Still: Papers

the morning of: Times, toilet, towel (cotton: percale 200 ct; paper, Winchell’s, Jamaica Plains, October, bathroom) the mordant dying of leaves, reams, or Country, my Country, when to take up raking

Headline: “Burmese Cyclone Clocks 60,000,” “Plans in the Work to Fortify the Alamo,” “Plymouth Rock to be Shipped Elsewhere,” “A Sensational Caption Printed in the World”

E240: “Anatomized Space in Adrienne Rich’s ‘Diving into the Wreck’”(SparksNotes, South Kiosk, North Commons, 10/17/07)

Origin: Egypt (papyrus), Rome (parchment), China (bamboo-silk), Guatemala (atmal)

Location: the bathroom, the kids’ room, the board room, the clean room

Game: paper airplane, bash piñata, paper rock, scissor snowflake

Ode: to Writing, to Writhing, to Joy, to Urns; to Our Bodies Ourselves, Being and Time, Being and Nothingness, Sex and Joy

Elegy: felicity and sadness, the glimmer of reeds, men writing down and women writing across, stormy explanations, covering moss, the thumb on the page, bits and pieces in the air, oh where oh where have I taken this picture?

Secret: white papers, White House, white lie

Process: amalgamating fibers, typically vegetable, wood pulp, gullibility, a cellulose layer laid on the forehead by way of hydrogen bonding and synthetic additive, polypropelene, polyethylene, sleight deceit

Zig Zag: “

Image: the page, recovery and cloud, white mirror, white whale, to go on looking, the plane in the sky, what next will be beautiful, it will be 80 today. I look, I look up and fresh letters purling, insurance against disappearance and the last white tufts of my name

Location: Hallmark Factory in Scranton, PA, Pacifico Factory in Mazatlan, MX, Ray’s Meats in Portland, OR, Book Factory in Qinghai Province, CH

Dryden: A HEROIC poem, truly such, is undoubtedly the greatest work which the soul of man is capable to perform. The design of it is to form the mind to heroic virtue by example. ‘T is convey’d in verse, that it may delight, while it instructs: the action of it is always one, entire, and great. The least and most trivial episodes, or underactions, which are interwoven in it, are parts either necessary or convenient to carry on the main design

Zig Zag: “Man, it was beautiful—ttssssstt—the fog off the water like billowing cotton. And the sun falling down into it, burying itself, dispersing……and the fishing fleet like a slow text on a moving field……like a banner of orange, no blood red—ttssssstt—the blood red sheet of sea battle…”

Review: “Still still-born, rotten stink, static word, actors don’t know what role to play, musicians don’t know what note to play.”

Thwife Review: “All I know is he wastes paper and goes out in the alley too much”

Ode: to You, the one who reads, the one who birds the day, the one who doubts and hopes, the one who grasses underfoot, “darest Thou, Thou little better heaven jar…