Being a Rendering

:It was the sound of the body outside the body that made me reconsider my 

position as indweller. All the downy parts.

As a mistake, I thought shadow would be like body, as if body.

Is there a way this will reach Shelley?

I pretend the trout alcove; untouchable

memory, which is really from a book and not my own.

This is where Lisa mentioned forgiveness and I had a piece of spinach between my teeth. I had a Sunday to remember walking into someone, how much space in hinge joints. It’s hard to tell from here. Hard from here.

Shelley in the widow as a face falling down. Shelley in a boat splendidly rolling.

Keep two dollars for what to eat and drink—don’t you say a word to me when I’m mad, when there’s an eclipse on the solstice worrying me to death. I am not above the position of moon ligament. This is inward, increasingly. The transaction does not align itself to Sunday, the collaborative fantasy of the neighbor girl.