• San Francisco
  • New York
Monica Regan
Noel Kalenian
Len Shneyder
kathryn l. pringle
Kristine Leja
Nona Caspers
Daniel Pendergrass
Jimmy Chen
Anna Joy Springer
LJ Moore
Susanna Kittredge
Jason Snyder

Launched as a means for establishing an aesthetic geography of San Francisco, Litopolis has since expanded to include New York, with the hope to build out additional regions in the future. Litopolis uses cartography as a framework for the arrangement of pieces in an effort to explore how differing aesthetic visions co-habitat when placed almost incidentally side by side. It is as much an experiment in how tagging creative expression with specific location affects the work’s reception as it is an investigation of how tagging location with creative expression alters the environs.

Excerpts, fragments, vignettes, musings, incidental references, veiled allusions, direct portrayals—anything is fair game, and residency is not required.

License may be taken with the concept, but please be sure to include cross streets with your submission for the purpose of plotting the map. Please also include Litopolis in the subject line when submitting via email. Submissions to other Sidebrow projects may also be considered for plotting on Litopolis maps.