Build: Mother, I

Inspired by Sidebrow’s first post, excerpts of Chris Tysh’s screenplay adaptation of Georges Bataille’s Mother, I, Mother, I is a multi-author, multi-genre foray into the maternal, in large part shaded by the dark, erotic prescriptiveness of the mother figure in Bataille. The project is open to response, reimaginings, and inquiries into the maternal beyond Bataille.

At left you will see one possible ordering of contributions to this project as it evolves.

Submissions may be viewed as self-contained units or as pieces of their own larger, more complex canvas. They may, of course, be elements of works already completed or currently under way. There is no need to directly address the characters or contexts found in Bataille. As always, the primary criteria are nuance and engagement.

Please include Mother, I in the subject line when submitting via email.