Build: Post-Hole

Prompted by Derek White’s “Post-Holing to the Flesh Temple,” Post-Hole is a multi-author, multi-genre menagerie of grotesques. With posts that allude to contexts and characters in other pieces, as Norman Lock’s “The King and the Cotter-Pin” does directly, and the possibility of Dr. Slatoris lurking throughout, this project provides ample opportunity for shaping the mystery of Post-Hole.

The scroll of posts at the left represent one possible order for navigating Post-Hole. As always, consider this merely as suggestive, with the project and its trajectory still evolving.

Submissions may be viewed as self-contained units or as pieces of their own larger, more complex canvas. They may, of course, be elements of works already completed or currently under way. As always, the primary criteria are nuance and engagement.

Please include Post-Hole in the subject line when submitting via email.