Sidebrow is a literary press dedicated to collaborative experiments in publishing. Founded online in 2005, Sidebrow provides a forum for exploring the collective and the singular in the literary arts. Expanding on the traditional publishing model, Sidebrow uses the Internet as a tool for presenting projects as they evolve, encouraging contributions from established and emerging writers, poets, and artists that explore established themes and respond creatively to components already included on the Sidebrow Web site.

Through this open-ended, collaborative approach to publishing, Sidebrow aims to establish an ongoing series of multiple-author, cross-genre books. Sidebrow’s inaugural anthology, a multi-threaded narrative featuring the work of 65 writers of innovative poetry and prose, is the first in that series, providing a snapshot of the myriad possibilities currently evolving, as well as an invitation to participate in that evolution by way of creative response. Since the publication of the Sidebrow 01 Anthology, we have focused our collaborative efforts toward more intentionally cohesive chapbooks, beginning with City.

To build these multi-threaded narratives, Sidebrow seeks innovative prose, poetry, and hybrid forms. Submissions that reimagine, depart from, or explore the interstices between posted and published pieces are highly encouraged. Although submissions that respond creatively to projects and posts evolving on the Web site are preferred, Sidebrow evaluates all submissions with an eye toward incorporation and will work to find a fit for strong material. When in doubt, simply send your best work.

Sidebrow features the work of 142 contributors to date.

Sidebrow is also committed to extending the artistic visions of its contributors through the publication of single-author and collaborative books.

Queries and correspondence should be sent to sidebrow (at) sidebrow (dot) net.

For periodic email updates about books, events, and calls for submissions, sign up for the Sidebrow mailing list.

Sidebrow is a member of the Intersection Incubator, a program of Intersection for the Arts providing fiscal sponsorship, networking, and consulting for artists. Intersection is San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts space, presenting groundbreaking works in the literary, performing, visual, and interdisciplinary arts. Through Intersection, Sidebrow receives 501(c)(3) status, making all donations to Sidebrow tax-deductible.